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Platon Kostelletos

Hi, my name is Platon Kostelletos and I am a Geologist. I am attending an MSc in Technology in Education and Human Resource Management.

Platon Kostelletos is a Geologist for the last 7 years, with a particular focus on civil engineering, He is disciplined, motivated, he enjoy working in an active team and posses the ability to acquire and use information effectively. He has demonstrated a strong focus on project management, accurate reporting and an ability to build strong relationships with key stakeholders from all walks of life. His experience in many different geological and geotechnical projects and his education through his Masters could help a company to complete any difficult and complex project uses company's resources. My ambition is to promote my career in a self-development manner.

Platon Kostelletos's Background

Platon Kostelletos's Experience

Contractor Engineering Geologist / Geotechnical Consultant at Platon S. Kostelletos

May 2007 - Present | Greece

He is a consultant Geologist in geological, geotechnical and environmental projects. He has cooperated with several Companies and Bureaus in many geological and geotechnical projects where his was more than a key person of these projects. The most recent job he has been completed, was the geological report and the geotechnical investigation and report for the construction of a kindergarten building, in Kalamos, Greece.

Consultant Geologist at Geostand S.A.

May 2009 - September 2011 | Greece

I was organising the geotechnical investigation schedule, providing information and advice to clients while delivering the final reports. I was assigned to supervise drilling projects, liaise with consultants, contractors and geotechnical engineers. Additionally, my involvement to geotechnical laboratory testing on soil and rock mechanics has offered me the opportunity to be a qualified geologist on rock and soil testing by the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A. (E.SY.D.).

Engineering Geologist at Dr. Paraskevas Pantzartzis

June 2007 - May 2009 | Greece

My responsibilities as Engineering Geologist were visiting sites, creating geological maps and sections, collecting and interpreting data from rock mass. I was assigned to organise and supervise geotechnical investigations and drilling projects, soil sampling and core logging, providing information and advice to clients while delivering the final reports.

Engineering Geologist – Geotechnical Consultant at Geometrisi Co.

May 2008 - January 2009 | Greece

I was working as a part time Engineering Geologist in field investigations on drilling, sampling, core logging and on excavation of trial pits. Moreover, I was involved in most of soil and rock mechanical testing.

Platon Kostelletos's Education

University of Athens

2010 – 2013

Master of Science

Concentration: Technology in Education & HR Management

Activities: Access - SQL Server - Statistics analysis (SPSS) - HR Management - Technology and Education - Adult Education

University of Patras

1999 – 2006

Bachelor of Science

Concentration: Geology

Activities: Applied Geology and Geophysics - Earth Materials - General, Marine Geology and Geodynamics

Platon Kostelletos's Interests & Activities

Member of: ☛ International Association for Engineering Geology and Environment (IAEG) ☛ Geotechnical Chamber of Greece (GEOTEE), ☛ Geological Society of Greece (EGE) ☛ Greek Committee of Engineering Geology (EETG)

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